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ProLogis (NYSE:PLD) gains 2% stock value

ProLogis (NYSE:PLD) opened higher this morning and increased in stock price, and went up to 2.21%. A bullish trend was seen yesterday and it continued this morning.

In the real estate sector, Cousins Properties Inc is among the top gainers, up more than 4% in stock value. The company's Q2 earnings came in on Aug 10, 2010. After that, the stock fell about 50 cents per share and now it is rebounding. The morning trading session was a good one for Cousins Properties Inc, more than 545,070 shares were traded.

DCT Industrial Trust Inc. (NYSE:DCT) gained more than 0.43% stock value, with the volume of 470,841 shares. The company posted their Q2 revenue on Aug 6, 2010 and since then it has not been able to cross that mark.


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